"Best Local Album of the Year"

A pretty epic album review from Jon Hunt at l'étoile magazine...

"Have you ever had one of those totally visceral reactions to an album — like you’re overcome by the urge to, like, stand up in your chair or pump your fist in the air or maybe just yell 'yes!' loudly at the top of your voice? That was me, from top to tails of Adrift, the completely intriguing and magnificent new album from Minneapolis band Greycoats. I kept wanting to tell someone, anyone that this album was great — ended up texting three or four of my super-baffled friends — 'OMG OMG OMG, you need to hear this album, dude. It’s like this crazy, romantic, gorgeous space opera, like nothing you’ve heard in the last 30 years.' Replies ranged from 'OK' to 'OK?' The latter, I think, wondering if I was okay. But I was, it’s just that — albums like this don’t come along very often."


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